Three Great Minecraft Seeds – Reference Books Online

This article is designed for gamers who like them. The possibilities are endless for Minecraft seeds, however the three mentioned above have beautiful landscapes that you can experience along with your group of friends. Minecraft server hosting allows the hosting of your Minecraft servers, so that you’re capable of exploring the world however you’d like.

Seed 1 436497117887980569. This seed will allow for spawning inside the desert. The seed is set to plant you on the middle of Cordura that has an enormous lake, and is surrounded by Mesa Hills. It’s beautiful and lush and stunning right from spawn.

Seed 2. 55169095443288579. This seed spawns you in Mangrove forests, and an uninhabited village next to you. The desert has the pillager tower that is right in the middle of the forest along with flat plains that have an adjacent village. The forest also has a huge canyon for you to explore within the woodland.

Seed 3: -1962604225673812469. This spawn will take you to the area of the den of wolves with rolling forest mountains of oak, spruce, and birch. There is a small village where there are two churches, a blacksmith and is located just near the place where you spawn. The river runs alongside the village.

The seeds are a great way for creating a Minecraft environment with your family or even yourself.


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